Semi-Commercial Loans

Helping you to secure a semi-commercial mortgage

If you are looking to purchase or remortgage a property which has a residential and commercial element to it, then you will require a semi-commercial mortgage.

A semi-commercial property is a property that has both a commercial element and a residential element to it. Typical examples are shops which have a flat or living space above them are one of the most common forms of semi-commercial property, although guest houses, B&B’s, pubs or any business that would require there employees to have accommodation on site, such as a Kennel service, would need also qualify for this type of mortgage.

Due to this type of funding falling under the commercial mortgage umbrella, we will need to assess more than your income and affordability when considering your application. In most cases, a business plan and accounts will also need to be provided. Most products require you to have at least a 25% deposit but we can help you to secure 100% of the property value with additional security.

Lenders criteria and appetite vary greatly depending on the property type, business type and location. To avoid you experiencing the run-around from lenders, our team of experienced Commercial Mortgage Brokers can talk you through which products are suited to your individual circumstances, to ensure you get the best deal. Funding can be arranged for a wide range of client profiles including individuals, limited companies, partnerships, expats and experienced property investors.

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