Auction Finance

Move fast and secure your dream development project at auction.

At Wilton & Co Financial Services, we understand the fast-paced world of property auctions. Auction finance is a specialized solution designed to empower developers like you to seize time-sensitive opportunities and secure properties with below-market-value potential.

Designed for Speed

Unlike traditional mortgages, auction finance is built around the tight deadlines set by auction houses. Most houses require completion within 6 weeks, some even tighter at 4 weeks. Our network of trusted auction finance providers understands this urgency and works efficiently to expedite the process. In some cases, they may even waive the need for a valuation before completion, further streamlining the approval process.

Unlocking Your Competitive Edge

With Wilton & Co’s auction finance solutions, you can:

  • Act decisively: Secure funding quickly and capitalize on fleeting opportunities.
  • Expand your buying power: Bid confidently knowing your finances are in order.
  • Compete effectively: Move faster than traditional buyers reliant on lengthy mortgage processes.

Don’t miss out on the potential of property auctions. Contact Wilton & Co Financial Services today and explore our flexible auction finance options. Let’s turn your vision into a reality. Call 01952 426060

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